My Ideas For Restaurant Names

These are all free to use! Just give me a free meal :)

    Fast Food Chains
  • Mike's Weiner Hut
  • Winner Winner's Chicken Dinners
  • Geoffry
  • We Totally Did Not Find This In A Dumpster
  • We Totally Did But You'll Eat It Anyway
  • Mega Meats
  • Fry-Days
  • Gay Burger
  • Dick's Dogs
  • Amurica's Finest Sludge
  • Amurica's Finest Sludge (Affordable)
  • Amurica's Finest Sludge (Express)
    Food Trucks
  • The Dragon Wagon
  • The Burger Bus
  • The Third Happiest Taco Truck in Connecticut
  • Moe Lester's Magic Candy Van
  • Pants Party
  • Maraschino Cherrypit
  • COD Lobby
  • Elvis Sightings
    Slightly Upscale Restaurants
  • The Snail Pail (Fine French Dining)
  • Buddy's Bar and Baby Fighting Ring
  • The Holy Grill
  • O'Mally's Thai Cuisine